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Each month we will be publishing a guest blog by a member of the thematic group.

Sociological happiness: Why the dominant discourse needs to change [Guest Blog by Jordan McKenzie]

At the 2016 annual TASA Conference at ACU in Melbourne, the eminent Professor Bryan Turner offered an opening keynote on the topic of happiness. Using this platform, Turner rightly acknowledged the absence of sociological perspectives in contemporary happiness debates. This rapidly growing field is drawing interest from academics and the general public alike, and yet […]

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Man to Man: Men, Violence, Change [Guest Blog by Ben Wadham]

Over the last several years particularly there has been a renewed focus on the prevention of violence toward women.  With the news that women are consistently being killed by their male partners women’s safety remains the paramount concern for violence prevention. Alongside these reported tragedies sit stories of young men dying at the hands of […]

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Commoditised Promises of Ageless Perfection: Cosmetic Wellness and the Culture of the Ideal Face [Guest Blog by Anoushka Benbow-Buitenhuis]

Introduction: The Face and Contemporary Visions of Ageing Since the mid-1990s, the notion that ageing is a treatable disease has underpinned a burgeoning market of anti-ageing treatments (ATTs). Now an $US290b global industry (Berkowitz 2017, p.7), cosmetics that claim to mask or stop ageing have captured the imaginations of consumers. “People [now] assume health is […]

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The Other Gallipoli Pilgrim: Islamism and the Rise of Neo-Ottoman Memory Politics in Turkey (Guest Blog by Brad West)

The recent Turkish referendum that enhanced presidential power has fundamental repercussions for parliamentary democracy in the country and for Turkish-West relations. It is also significant for the collective memory and commemoration of WWI Gallipoli Campaign in both Australia and Turkey. Even prior to the referendum the numbers of Australians along with other Westerners visiting Turkey […]

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