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Learning at a Scholarly Pace: On the Socialised Temporalities of Academic Work [Guest Blog by Fabian Cannizzo]

The tempo, frequency and pace of activities form an integral background to everyday life. While we ordinarily reflect on time in terms of the mechanical qualities of clocks, calendars, timetables and schedules, our everyday life is also embedded with other habituated and less cognitive modes of timekeeping and temporality. The rotation of the earth brings […]

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Karl Marx welcomes you to the new TASA Cultural Sociology website

Launch of the Cultural Sociology Website!

We are excited to announce the official launch of the TASA Cultural Sociology Thematic Group website! This is the new web-based “home” for Cultural Sociology in Australia, and we look forward to making it a vibrant and informative space. You can also find us on Twitter via @CultSocyTASA! Each month we will be publishing a […]

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